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Non-Skid Socks

If you're looking for non-slip socks for the elderly, you can't go wrong with Resident Essentials' inventory of non-skid socks. Help keep your residents safe with our slip-proof socks. Start shopping now.

Non-Slip Socks for Safety's Sake

Minimize falling and slipping with socks with grippers for the elderly. Our non-slip socks are oversized and feature a rubberized non-skid tread. Specifically designed for your residents, our slip-proof socks are a boon for anyone who's mobile. They're a great complement to our slippers for women and slippers for men. When you purchase non-skid socks from Resident Essentials, you know you're getting the best the market offers. Our non-slip socks feel thicker and warmer than standard socks. Put patient safety first with our slip-proof socks. Check out our fantastic array of sizes and order yours today.

non-slip socks for the elderly

Non-Skid Socks With Comfort in Mind

Secure the comfort and safety of your residents with non-skid socks from Resident Essentials. Non-slip socks for the elderly give you the peace of mind you need. Our slip-proof socks are:

  • Machine-washable
  • Polyester/acrylic
  • Ultra-soft and stretchy
  • Available for bulk purchase

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Slip Socks

Resident Essentials is the go-to source for information about non-slip socks. You can count on our expertise for the answers you're looking for. Read on for additional details, and be sure to contact us with further questions.

Purchase Non-Slip Socks for the Elderly Now

You can rely on our non-slip socks for the elderly to deliver the safety and comfort your residents expect. Order in bulk to make sure you have all the non-skid socks you need. You can increase your residents' feelings of security with non-slip socks from Resident Essentials. Browse our inventory today and see why we're a trusted supplier.