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Decorating Tips for Nursing Home & Assisted Living Apartments

October 30, 2018

Decorating Tips for Nursing Home & Assisted Living Apartments

As your loved one makes the transition to assisted living, their new space will need to be furnished and decorated to their tastes. Rather than leaving the room plain and dreary, take the opportunity to make the space showcase their personality and function to fit their needs. The new apartment should have the comforts of home while capitalizing on the room.

Determine What is Important to Keep

In the transition to a new home, you’ll want to make sure your loved one is surrounded by some of their favorite items and photographs. However, the space available probably won’t match the family home. If many of their favorite pictures were hanging in frames along the walls, move them into photo albums for easy accessibility and transport. More photos will be able to be in their new home. When deciding which belongings to bring to the new residence, take their favorites into consideration. While you won’t be able to completely recreate their previous home, adding books and other decorations can help smooth the transition into assisted living.

Determine How Much Space You Have Available & How to Optimize It

Much of your loved one’s older furniture will probably be too large and bulky to move to the new space, from a separate kitchen and dining room set to an oversized plush couch. You’ll also want to make sure the furniture functions to help the senior as getting up or sitting down becomes more difficult. The addition of a recliner or lift chair will be able to help as mobility becomes a concern. A reclining chair will take up much less space than a full couch and combining it with a loveseat provides plenty of seating. If getting in and out of bed poses a problem, adding an electric bed can help make the mornings and evenings easier.

Use Optimal Colors for Decorations

Busy patterns can lead to confusion or stress, particularly for those suffering from dementia, and dark spots in patterns can appear to be dirt to those losing their sight. Rather than active patterns, use decorations with simple patterns and bright colors, as well as family photos. Comfy throw blankets and decorative pillows should have a few different feels, as touch is one of the biggest sensations for individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Incorporate sensory materials such as activity mats, stuffed toys, and art supplies into their new home and routine to help them relax throughout the day.

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Furniture for the Elderly

If you are in need of furniture for a new living situation in a nursing home or assisted living facility, contact Resident Essentials for a catalog by calling888-543-2566 or filling out our request form.