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Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

As time goes on, you may discover that it is it harder to get dressed in the morning. If you are beginning to feel difficulty getting dressed, the transition to adaptive clothing may be right for your morning routine.

How Does Adaptive Clothing Help You?

Adaptive clothing is designed to make getting dressed easier for everyday life, incorporating accessible snaps and zippers instead of cumbersome, hard-to-reach buttons. Rather than struggle in the morning by yourself or with a caregiver, your clothing will be fastened with shoulder and back snaps and Velcro, as well as side zippers. Adaptive clothing is ideal for seniors with loss of mobile functions or dementia, as well as disabled individuals.

Adaptive Clothing for Men


men in adaptive back snap polo shirts
Our line of adaptive clothing can change with you by the time of day or season, including fleece outfits, shirts, and sweatshirts for the fall, winter and early spring to light cotton T-shirts for warmer days. Our pants have side zips extending to the thigh to make them easier to change, with loose legs to prevent irritation from the fabric. Our shirts, sweatshirts and pajama options come with accessible closures to prevent painful overextending and joint movements.



Adaptive Clothing for Women in Need


women in adaptive back snap sweaters
Our extensive line of women’s clothing includes dresses, tops, and pants with side and back closures, including snaps, zippers, and wraps. Maintain your personal style by choosing from our range of color and pattern options for any occasion, from a day dress to something more formal. For additional comfort, we have loose fitting pants with side closures and elastic waistbands to prevent skin irritation throughout the day.