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Adaptive Clothing for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can affect your loved one in stages, from subtle early symptoms to a more rapid decline.Its unpredictable nature can make it difficult for your loved one to get dressed in the morning, with physical side effects limiting mobility. As the condition becomes more debilitating, you may wish to transition your loved one into adaptive clothing for ease and comfort. Resident Essentials has an extensive line of adaptive clothing designed to limit the inconvenience and pain that can be associated with getting dressed. Made to fit loosely and avoid skin irritation, our back snap and back zip outfits are ideal for those who require assistance getting dressed in the morning.

How Can Adaptive Clothing Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

As your loved one progresses through Alzheimer’s disease, they may begin to develop undressing issues throughout the day. Adaptive clothing helps keep your loved one dressed throughout the day, with back snaps and zips placed where the wearer cannot reach, but a caregiver can. This will maintain your loved one’s dignity and keep them dressed throughout the day. A caregiver will need to be present to help undress to go to the bathroom. Resident Essentials has several adaptvie clothing optionals available for men and women, including tops, pants and jumpsuits. For more information on adaptive clothing, contact us today by filling out our online request form or requesting a catalog.