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Benefits of Adaptive Clothing

September 04, 2018

Benefits of Adaptive Clothing

Getting dressed in the morning can become the first major hurdle of the day for seniors or individuals with physical limitations, with or without the assistance of a caregiver. Both parties may feel a lack of privacy, especially when doing buttons or zippers. By adding adaptive clothing to your wardrobe, you and your caregiver will be able to get ready in the morning without issue.

What is Adaptive Clothing?

If you do not have full access of your hands without difficulty, buttoning and unbuttoning shirts and pants can prove to be a challenge, with associated pains in your joints and muscles. This can quickly become frustrating, as can the lack of privacy that comes with the assistance of a caregiver. Adaptive clothing is designed to make getting dressed and undressed easier and pain-free by incorporating snaps, zippers and Velcro closures in the back, shoulder and side. Adaptive clothing can be put on independently or with assistance, in a seated or standing position. Clothing lines are available for men and women

Benefits of Switching to Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing reduces the pain caused when getting dressed or undressed by utilizing simpler closures that require less precision and finger movement, protecting your joints from additional pain. It removes a lot of the stress and frustration from the process, both physically and emotionally. Making the switch to adaptive clothing encourages you to dress yourself, which can restore some independence you may feel that you have lost. If you do get dressed with the help of a caregiver, it will expedite the process in the morning and be less invasive for yourself.

Adaptive Clothing for Seniors & Disabled Individuals

If you feel that making the switch to adaptive clothing is right for you, contact Resident Essentials today! We can provide you with a catalog featuring our extensive line of adaptive clothing for men and women in assortment of patterns and materials. Contact Resident Essentials for a catalog today by calling 888-543-2566 or by filling out our online request form.