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What is Adaptive Clothing?

May 15, 2018

What is Adaptive Clothing?

As you or your loved one get older, certain aspects of everyday life may become more difficult due to physical limitations. If getting dressed has become more of a challenge, adaptive clothing is the best option to take on. Adaptive clothing is designed for easy wear, regardless of mobility.

How Does Adaptive Clothing Work?

Adaptive clothing looks like any other piece of clothing, available in a variety of patterns, cuts, and styles. However, instead of needing to raise your arms to put on a shirt or worry about pants or skirts aggravating arthritis in your hips, adaptive clothing uses button clasps, conveniently located zippers and elastic to make getting dressed an easier experience, whether getting dressed on your own or with the assistance of a caregiver.

Adaptive Shirts & Dresses

Adaptive shirts and dresses can be worn by sliding the sleeves up the wearer’s arms and are available with full closure zips or snaps going up the back, avoiding pressure points for full comfort.

Adaptive Pants

Adaptive pants are designed with elastic waistbands for easy wear. They can be fastened with easily accessible side zippers or drawstrings in order to accommodate wheelchairs. Our pants are also available with easy-to-open backs, which can be slid on in a seated position if standing is not possible. Flaps are secured with snaps before moving back in your seat.

Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

If you are interested in learning more about adaptive clothing, contact Resident Essentials today. We offer full lines of standard and easily secured clothing for men and women in an extensive range of sizes, including jumpsuits, pants, shirts and socks. We work to make billing easy for you and your family, offering several payment options. To request a catalog, Resident Essentials can be reached by calling 888-543-2566 or by filling out our online request form.