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Clothes Labeling for Seniors & Assisted Living

Labeling clothes for elderly people in assisted living facilities offer invaluable benefits in terms of organization and ease of identification. Our elder care labeling service provides free name labeling on all clothing. We also engrave electronics, ensuring seniors' belongings are easily recognizable and accessible. Our service covers men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and adaptive clothing.

With our custom printed labels, we apply them to the inside seam of the clothing, near the care labels. This strategic placement allows for effortless identification without causing any discomfort or irritation. The labels are securely attached using industrial strength heat application and indelible ink, guaranteeing they will never fall off or fade.

Resident Essentials remains the leader in labeling clothes for nursing homes around the country due to our quality, customer service, pricing and easy-to-use ordering process.

Labeling Clothes for Seniors

Electronics Engraving for Assisted Living Facilities

In addition to clothing, our service extends to custom engraving on select electronics, except for televisions. We offer this service free of charge, allowing seniors to personalize their devices for easy identification. By engraving their name or other relevant details, valuable electronics are less likely to be misplaced or mistaken for someone else's. It's worth noting that engraved items are typically considered a final sale, unless they are defective, providing seniors with the assurance that their devices are uniquely marked and easily recognizable.

Labeling Clothes for Elderly FAQ

How Can I Easily Read The Clothing Labeling Information?

The names on our clothes are printed in bold-looking print making it easy for seniors to read.

What Information Should be Included on The Labels?

A first name along with a last initial works best but you’re able to add a full last name if need be.

Are There Special Considerations for Cloth Labeling for Individuals with Disabilities?

Our labels for labels feature large clear print and are easily accessible by the existing tag.

Clothes Labeling for
Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

Find exactly what you need in terms of clothing by browsing our site. We offer FREE shipping on clothing orders over $100 and don’t forget to select the custom cloth labeling option. You can contact us by phone, fax, or email by visiting our contact us page.