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Accessorizing Your Wheelchair for Functionality & Safety

June 26, 2018

Accessorizing Your Wheelchair for Functionality & Safety

You always want to make sure that you are safe while in your wheelchair, ensuring that you are able to get around comfortably and without injury. Luckily, there are accessories available to keep you safe and increase your chair’s functionality.

Wheelchair Gloves

Navigating around with your manual wheelchair can be hard on your hands, leaving you with scratches and calluses from travel. Wheelchair gloves provide cushioning for your palms as well as additional traction, helping you better your grip on the wheels for better control.

Backpacks & Wheelchair Bags

Wherever you go, you’ll have certain items you’ll need to bring with you. Rather than have them sit loosely in your laps or to the sides of your chair, a backpack provides a secure pouch perfect for holding your things without the risk of dropping them or catching on the wheels. These bags come with multiple zippered compartments and are designed to stay put on the back of your chair throughout the day, allowing you or your caretaker easy access to whatever you may need.

Seat Cushions & Pads

For additional comfort throughout the day, accessorize your chair with a seat cushion! These are designed to provide extra padding to your chair, allowing you to sit comfortably for a longer period of time. Different cushions are available for different levels of padding. A wheelchair pad fits over your chair, giving you more padding in the seat, armrests, and back. The Air-Lite cushion will not lose shape over time and provide comfort throughout the day. A gel cushion will be able to help with the prevention and healing of ulcers.

 Wheelchairs & Accessories for Seniors

If you are in need of a wheelchair or are looking to make your chair more efficient, contact Resident Essentials today. We sell an extensive range of custom manual and power wheelchairs, dependent on your needs, as well as various accessories to help you move around without worrying about loose items. To request a catalog of our items or have any billing questions answered, contact Resident Essentials by calling 888-543-2566 or by filling out our online request form.