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Reclining High Back Wheelchair

ITEM: 8601

This wheelchair features a 23" high back with 10" headrest extension and recliners from 90-180 degrees.  A carbon steel frame and heavy-duty inner liner keep the seat and back from stretching.  Urethane rear tires are mounted on "no flex" wheels. Comfortable footrests ensure support.  300lb capacity. This recliner wheelchair is built to last! 

  • Desk Arm with Footrest:   Armrest doesn't extend to the front of the wheelchair, allowing space for the user to be positioned close to a table without interference.
  • Full Arm with Footrest: Armrest extends to the front of the wheelchair.
  • Standard seat dimensions 20"W x 16"D.  Call for customizable dimensions.
Arm Rest
Seat Cushion