Adaptive Clothing for Seniors, clothing for the disabled, Alzheimer's clothing, Parkinson's clothing

For those who require assistance dressing, we offer our extensive and growing line of men's adaptive clothing and women's adaptive clothing.  Adaptive clothing features either snaps, elastic, zippers, Velcro, or other closure in order to simplify dressing and undressing for the wearer.  These adaptive clothes help maintain dignity for those who otherwise would not be able to wear traditional clothing styles.  Oftentimes, these designs help those assisting the wearer dress and disrobe.  Sometimes, clothing is needed to discourage disrobing, and in those cases we recommend our one-piece jumpsuits.  We find these are beneficial to those who might have physical disabilities, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, other condition which which may impair dexterity and mobility, or those who are simply aging! We carry several jumpsuits designed to have the appearance of two-piece outfits, for added dignity, but the functionality of a one-piece garment.  Please call us if you would like further assistance with selecting the best options for you.